North Finchley is one of the top professional consultancies in the UK. Our advisors offer detailed guidance to families, businesses, and people on independent UK schools such as St Michaels Catholic Grammar Schools. Much of this practice includes helping students hit positions in schools and colleges, but we educate on the full continuum of the contemporary educational experience.

To guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of our recommendations, we use several sources: authoritative written information that we compiled in our database, as well as more informal, qualitative information based on our many years in the field. We also built up partnerships with the educational community’s most educated and respected members, and several of our experts have been providing advice to families for many decades.

So who are we helping? Many of our clients were going via top UK schools such as St Michaels Catholic Grammar Schools and only want an update on whether reputations or procedures have improved. We also support a lot of families who are less familiar with the UK system of education. In 2012, we opened the first Overseas office. We now have branches in London, Hong Kong, and Singapore and have many other parts of the world associated with families. We enjoy seeing customers face-to-face and always do so at our offices – we will be able to come to see you whenever possible. We set up video conferences using either Skype or Zoom, in cases when families are unable to attend.

St Michaels Catholic Grammar Schools

Our recommendation is based solely on a proof. We suggest institutions that are based on our evaluation of the capacity, potential, and characteristics of a child. When making judgments about schools we use both quantitative and subjective statistics. We have good partnerships with well-respected, longstanding educational group members. This helps one to collect accurate, credible, and up-to-date knowledge about colleges, universities, educational programs, curricula, teachers, and the entire scope of the contemporary educational experience.