The Saturday school in London was established to battle the low fulfillment levels accomplished by students from low socioeconomic foundations. The school gives targeted help to students at the primary and secondary levels. Teaching centers around literacy and numeracy and Islamic Studies is likewise educated.

The Saturday school in London points not exclusively to deliver educational impediment however to likewise give positive good examples who add to the development of adjusted adults who will have the option to have a beneficial outcome inside their networks. They accept that with the correct level of support from the school and responsibility from the students, each kid is fit for the most elevated level of academic accomplishment

The students from Saturday school in London

The school right now has around 100 students. Most by far of the students at the school originate from low-income families and now and again their first language isn’t English. The school charges an ostensible fee, which empowers to concentrate on helping the most hindered members of the network.

The teachers

There are around 20-30 volunteer teachers and various managerial volunteers. The teachers originate from a scope of callings including marketing/media executives, consultants, bankers, scientists and so on, just as expert teachers. Albeit the vast majority of the teachers have no past understanding, many have been motivated by this experience and have proceeded to become proficient teachers.

The successes

Students at the school reliably produce astounding outcomes. The 2013/2014 academic year students accomplished 100% A*-C in Maths and English Literature and 90% A*-C in English Language, well over the national normal. A-level students have likewise performed amazingly and managed to verify offers from various topmost colleges just as universities.

Just as an educational accomplishment the school is quick to concentrate on pastoral care and extracurricular activities. These incorporate running an effective careers program, environmental workshops, poetry workshops, activities run by the Science Museum and the V&A and numerous others. The school likewise creates a newsletter each term exhibiting and praising the accomplishments of both the teachers and the students.