Saturday School Diaries at North Finchley Tutors


I don’t go to North Finchley Tutors for the whole day. I only attend a few lessons but I have asked if I can go for the whole day once football season is over, there are many of my friends who go for the whole day. I think it’s a good thing that you can choose how many lessons you can attend. It means I get to go to football in the morning and then head over to Saturday school afterwards and get to learn. There are some other football players who play for various academies who come here too.

11.00: This is when the day begins for me. My dad drops me off and the first thing I do is get sorted into my group. I started at North Finchley Tutors in year 5 but I did not try for the 11 plus. I am not the most academic but I did get a scholarship for private school. I really wanted to go to Haberdashers Askes Boys School but I ended up choosing a different school who offered my parents a scholarship. I remember, my mum used to download free past papers with answers when I was trying for ISEB exams. I moved to my current school from Keble School in N21. Others came from Lochinver House School and Dwight School London, North Bridge House School, Salcombe School in N14, all over the place really.


11.15: It’s English tuition first and this week we are working on spelling, punctuation and grammar, things I has learnt for my SATS in year 6 but something that always confuses me is knowing the difference between a noun, adjective, verb and adverb. My tutor gives us a workbook that focuses on this area of KS3 English Language, and we begin the lesson by working through some exercises. Once we’ve finished the work set, the tutor leading the group will go through our work and give us individual feedback. I like this because it means I know exactly what I need to work on for next time. The rest of the lesson is spent doing some creative writing. Now that we know what an adjective is, we have to come up with as many imaginative adjectives as we can to describe specific nouns. This is why I didn’t try for 11 plus tuition to ty and get into Q E Boys or Dame Alice Owens.


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12.15: Next up is Maths tuition. This is my favourite lesson because I really like my maths tutor. He explains things in a way that is easy for me to understand. We begin the lesson by going through the basic rules and equations we’ll need for the work we are about to do, then we work individually and apply them to maths problems. If I need help, my tutor will work on a question individually with me. Whether or not we get stuck on the exercises, we are always given feedback on the answers at the end, making sure we have used the correct method to get the right answer.


13.00: Lunch time! I stay for lunch and this week we are given jacket potatoes. Lunch is a really good way to make friends with other students here, and I’ve made some great friends at North Finchley Tutors. We can even go up and speak to the tutors as they eat lunch with us.

14.00: Once lunch is over we go back to the classroom and get sorted into new groups for the next lesson. Before I start this lesson, I get called to the side to go through my homework corrections one-on-one with a tutor. I return back to my group and spend this lesson doing KS3 English Literature tuition and going over my language techniques. My tutor gets us to write examples of similes and metaphors. This really helps me because sometimes I get confused between the two. Then, we use what we’ve learnt and do some creative writing workshops, but we have to make sure to use all the new language techniques we practiced at the start of the lesson. Towards the end of the lesson, my tutor gets us to read our work out loud which is really fun because it means I can show my friends in the group what I’ve written.

15.00: Home time! Before I leave, my tutors will give my dad feedback on my work today. They also make sure I have my homework in my folder ready for the next week. I didn’t have a good week at school behaviour wise this week, I’ve made sure I make up for it today.