People are fruitful in proceeding onward to their schools of choice. In the year of 2015, 80 percent of people accessed their primary choice of secondary school, comprising a variety of selective grammar as well as independent schools. Relationships with these schools are powerful. In the course of recent years, a huge extent of the Salcombe people has won academic, sports or music scholarships.

Homework provided by the Salcombe prep school tutors

From Year 3 Homework is reliably set to Kids in a limit of two subjects for every night, in addition to reading. In Year 3 students are set 30 minutes for each subject every night, ascending to an hour for each subject every night in Year 6. Discretionary holiday homework is likewise set for students who wish to do extra work during school breaks, despite the fact that this isn’t mandatory. Moreover, Kids are urged to know about their general surroundings, regardless of whether that is through extra-curricular exercises outside of school, or by following current affairs.


Kids are evaluated during the time through exams, tests, classwork, conduct, and other criteria. Structure teachers assemble criticism from all subjects teachers to increase an inside and out, or ‘360°’ perspective on the student.

Reports are delivered each term and Parent-Teacher Conferences occur two times per year in the Autumn and Spring Terms with the Salcombe prep school tutors.

Transition to Senior School

At Salcombe prep school tutors highly esteem guaranteeing every people transitions to the correct senior school for them. They accept their duty to the students doesn’t prevent them when they graduate from Salcombe, but instead when they become sure, effective adults. In that capacity, the Executive Head routinely visits senior schools, both independent and state selective, just as used to call on earlier students they have resolved in once to their new schools.

Parents are supported during this occasionally dubious procedure. Salcombe prep school tutors hold a get together for parents of Year 5 people in the Autumn Term, giving parents a lot of time to go to open days at potential schools. They additionally hold a Senior School Forum where chosen independent senior schools are welcome to join in. Toward the finish of the Spring Term, the chief meets with the parents of every student to examine their choices, and how best to continue with applications.