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Our Safeguarding Policy

All children have an absolute right to be free from abuse, neglect or exploitation. North Finchley Tutors believes that in all matters concerning child protection and safeguarding, the welfare and protection of the young people is of paramount consideration.

All adults involved in North Finchley Tutors’ activities and who come into contact with children have a duty of care to safeguard and promote their welfare. This policy and the procedures contain within it exist not to discourage adults from being involved in the work of North Finchley Tutors but to ensure, as far as possible, that people who may abuse children do not get the opportunity to do so.

  • There is a duty placed upon us to ensure that all adults who work with or on behalf of our young people are competent, confident and safe to do so.
  • Adults working or volunteering for North Finchley Tutors are responsible for their own actions and behaviour and should avoid any conduct that would lead a reasonable person to question their motivation or intention.
  • Everyone involved in North Finchley Tutors activities must follow North Finchley Tutors’ Code of Conduct.
  • They must also be familiar with the steps to be taken in the event of becoming aware of, suspecting or receiving allegations of abuse.

Designated Safeguarding Officer

North Finchley Tutors have a Designated Safeguarding Officer to:

  • Offer support and training to all staff and volunteers involved in North Finchley Tutors’ work.
  • To ensure that all North Finchley Tutors staff and volunteers are sufficiently vetted.
  • To act as the main point of contact in the event of any allegation or disclosure.
  • To act as the as the main point of contact between North Finchley Tutors and partner schools.

If there is an allegation, signs and indicators of abuse are identified or if at any point an adult involved with North Finchley Tutors’ work fails to comply with any element of the Code of Behaviour this information must be passed immediately to North Finchley Tutors’ Designated Safeguarding Officer.

Ali Baig who can be contacted on 07946454802 or via email on It is the Designated Safeguarding Officer’s responsibility to collect all relevant information and make decisions on how to proceed (this will include contacting the designated safeguarding lead at the relevant partner school/s). All staff working at NFT have a duty of care to pass on all relevant information regarding any allegations of abuse or identified signs and indicators of possible abuse.

In the event that a young person discloses abuse to an employee of North Finchley Tutors or a volunteer tutor.

Employees of North Finchley Tutors and volunteer tutors shall:

  1. Allow the young person to speak without interruption, encouraging them to tell you only what they feel comfortable telling you, and be accepting and be non-judgemental about what is said.
  2. Do not ask investigative or leading questions of any kind.
  3. Advise the young person that you will offer support, but that you MUST pass what they tell you and are not able to keep anything they tell you confidential.
  4. If they refuse to tell you anything unless you promise to keep it a secret, inform them that you want to help and that there is one person you have to tell. If they then refuse to tell you anymore, please respect their decision and report this incident.
  5. Ensure that the young person is not immediately at risk of any further abuse.
  6. Immediately after a disclosure, contact the Designated Safeguarding Officer at North Finchley Tutors.
  7. Report the facts as you know them/ or understand them, including the pupil’s name and the account given to you by the young person using the words that they used as well as including any other information your feel is relevant.
  8. Provide this detailed information to the Designated Safeguarding Officer at North Finchley Tutors as soon as you are able.
  9. North Finchley Tutors will retain a copy of all such notifications in accordance with GDPR guidelines.