Whether it’s mastering basic literacy skills, English grammar rules, mastering vocabulary, punctuation, and spelling, or developing creative writing and composition abilities, or sentence construction and comprehension practise, Queen Elizabeth’s boys have experienced and knowledgeable tutors who is able to assist. Creative writing entails the ability to write in order to enlighten, persuade, debate, or analyse.

It just requires a few of hours of tuition every week.

Teachers that are fully qualified and have years of schooling experience

Individualized learning plans for each student

Small clusters of 4-6 students are used to ensure that each student receives personalised attention and that progress is constantly evaluated

Traditional face-to-face instruction by an instructor rather than sitting in front of a computer

Every grammar school test is unique – the particular Queen Elizabethsboys tuition is adapted to the QE Boys exam.

It is assured that ample test practise of timed papers is provided so that students are comfortable working under exam conditions.

Inspiring teachers that keep the students involved and interested while extracting the most from each child

The environment is friendly and casual.

A demonstrated track record of increasing standards

Exam preparations, methods, and strategies for 11+ revision courses and 11+ mock examinations

High-quality instructional materials, tools, and resources

There will be no long-term contracts. You may pay as you go.

Rates that are competitive and cheap

Queen Elizabeths Boys School thinks that it is critical for pupils to have an outstanding education. As a result, aid has been offered to families that have shown financial need.

Grants for tuition aid

Tuition assistance awards are need-based financial help managed and sponsored by Queen Elizabeth’s sons. An impartial agency evaluates applications for the families who apply in order to determine their level of need. Every piece of personal and financial information is kept absolutely secret and safe. A non-refundable fee of $35 will be levied per household. The deadline for current school families happens to beNovember 23, 2021.