Q E Boys School, North Finchley Tutors represent only tutors who can contribute for more than two years in their efforts to professionalize tutoring. 

Not all of the tutors we serve are educated. Our students, or those tutors who have tutored for more than ten years, do not need it (although before each lesson they get a thorough briefing from us). Our Trained Tutors are undertaking a comprehensive continuing training session; this is flexible and special. Both training workshops are planned and conducted by experienced education experts, including Ed Richardson, our Director of Education.

We urge tutors to visit and attend seminars and classes on literacy and math teaching methods, behavioral problems, and strategies of learning skills in addition to this instruction. With our specialist tutors at North Finchley, students from reputed schools such as Q E Boys School are preparing for their exams.

The tutors we serve are committed to their jobs, and their students earn excellent assessments. After a strenuous screening process, we aim to pick knowledgeable and likable tutors who enjoy connected to their students and set high expectations for them. Although it’s a truism that experience doesn’t make you a strong teacher, we want tutors to be enthusiastic and informative about their topics so that they can sell their students’ most interesting queries. The self-confidence and motivation that we get stem from such good relationships.

How we can help

North Finchley works with tutors to offer one-to-one tutoring, ensuring their students receive tutoring customized to their learning style and preferences, just as they receive tutoring in person. 


North Finchley is also fortunate to have many experienced or part-time teachers from reputed colleges, such as Q E Boys School, within its ranks. The combination of their teaching experience and understanding of subject matter allows teachers to be extremely successful in the one-to-one setting. Stephen Farrow, a former Dulwich College Head of English, brings his extensive knowledge to bear on English students at levels 13 +, GCSE, and A.

“My son had a brilliant time with Ali and Ambreen over the last few months in preparation for his QE Boys entrance exam. He was taught how to approach all the exams and has been given so many resources to practice with. It’s been amazing to see his test scores improve as they continue to push and encourage him.” 


We teach the following topics:

Key Information:

Year 4 & 5 Lessons operate on:

Wednesdays: 4.00pm – 6.00pm & Saturdays: 10.00am – 1.00pm

*Option for online school on Wednesdays.

All our qualified teachers are currently working in sought after primary and secondary schools. They are all experienced 11-plus tutors. We offer a comprehensive learning programme that provides excellent results. 

The 5 hours of weekly lessons are guaranteed to increase ability & confidence.

  • All homework & resources provided
  • Half Termly practice papers
  • Regular support & encouragement

£110 per week (£22 per hour).
All learning materials provided.