Having the right mentor can be a real game-changer for your kids, it can help resolve areas of difficulty and unlock their capacity for education. Looking for the right one, teaching school-specific syllabus can be a minefield and a challenging one for both you and your child in every particular school like Latymer School. We at North Finchley provide tutoring to students aged 7 and up. For even younger children, one-to-one assistance might be sufficient, but we would recommend that this can only be under very special situations or when a particular problem has been established.

To name a few, there are many considerations to consider-consistency, expense, popularity, experience, and availability. The most critical consideration should be whether your child will build a positive and enjoyable relationship with the teacher. At North Finchley, we know all our tutors well and are always able to get the match correct based on the details given by the parents. That said, do your homework and study and, above all, believe in this, you and your child’s instincts – don’t be afraid after a few sessions to inquire for a new mentor if the match is not perfect. Reputable school students such as Latymer school are affiliated with us for their studying and training.

If concerned about private tutors’ fees, costs can vary greatly and are dictated largely by the tutor’s expertise. Current school or university students can spend £ 20 per hour in the area, while qualified tutors with extensive previous knowledge can pay up to £ 100 per hour. At North Finchley, we are only recommending tutors who have a degree and tutoring expertise as we think this will yield the best outcomes. Sourcing a tutor directly rather than through a tutoring firm may be cheaper but is also more difficult when it comes to selecting high-quality tutors that have been carefully tested and satisfy the unique needs of your child. A good organization’s job is to see that they have the match correct first, and then they’re there to sort out any difficulties.