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Key Stage 1 Tuition Overview

Key Stage 1 covers academic years 1 and 2 at school, and at North Finchley Tutors we teach English and Maths which is fully in line with what students are learning in primary schools at the moment. In English, pupils are taught phonics to help with their reading and their phonic screening test, composition, handwriting, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG), as well as their comprehension. In maths, pupils are taught how to solve worded problems, tested on times tables and to count on (or back) from a given number.


We teach a syllabus completely in line with the National Curriculum. A test every month to check their understanding of the topic being taught and regular homework is set.
In a nurturing environment, students participate in spelling tests and time tables test every week as well as KS1 problem-solving question or reasoning test at the end of their maths lesson building their confidence in taking tests without pressure. Setting regular homework and taking managed tests will give your child the confidence for their SATS and beyond.


11 Plus Maths Papers At North Finchley Tutors

February 17th, 2020|North Finchley Tutors|

Are you skimming through different websites for getting some useful 11 plus maths papers? Of course, you do because you want to gather some materials for practice. The preparation might be for the school entrance exam or other exams. Everyone is skilled [...]

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