Henrietta Barnett School, North Finchley’s contribution to professionalizing tutoring is remarkable. Rather than having a loose tutorial framework, we’ve pioneered UK’s first licensed tutoring contracts. We’ve drawn tutors who see tutoring as a profession and treat themselves accordingly. They practice constantly, often searching for opportunities to better their craft; they have access to resources that have been produced in-house by North Finchley; most notably, they have a long-term, dedicated career commitment.

Henrietta Barnett School, Much of the tutors at North Finchley are dedicated to long term tutoring. Generally, for at least the next two to three years they are fully aware of their aspirations and use tutoring as their major source of income for educational programs. The tutors portrayed by North Finchley are committed people who, because of their love and ability for the role, devote to tutoring. Our staff is up-to-date on the new trends in the tests we are tutoring for, which ensures we can deliver reliable and relevant information to the students for whom we interact.

North Finchley works with tutors to offer one-to-one tutoring, ensuring their students receive tutoring customized to their learning style and preferences, just as they receive tutoring in person. Students from reputed schools such as Henrietta Barnett school are enrolled for their studies with us. All the tutors we represent understand how to best use the school-specific syllabus for every individual school such as Henrietta Barnett school. For the same school, we also offer regular community classes with a limit of 5 students at a time.

Generally, parents and children are more familiar with the idea of face-to-face tuition-after all, children learn a tremendous amount from their parents as infants! The school classroom, however, provides for a degree of one-to-one learning time with teachers to a lesser extent, but in-person tuition can sound like a convenient reinforcement to this learning style at