Explore North Finchley’s Curriculum offers a creative and customized tuition approach. Mapped to the National Curriculum, covering syllabus directly for every single school such as Haberdashers boys school, all study is adapted to the abilities and developmental areas of each pupil, which ensures tutors will assist them closely, both to help and extend them out. So it’s not just mathematics and English. North Finchley’s staff encourages teaching strengths like finding support and attention, as well as promoting curiosity and a love of learning.

The journey of getting to know your kid begins at your free trial session from the very first day we see you. This is a chance to explore the needs of your child and uncover the potential of learning discovery. If you find school tricky or top of the line, we’re going to build a learning plan tailored to help them develop confidence, motivation, and new skills. Starting your journey with North Finchley is the first move on a glorious track. There are endless ways you can learn new talents, develop the experience, and shape the company’s potential with your insight and motivation.

Haberdashers Boys School

Both our tutors are school education specialists, who undergo daily instruction on existing methods of teaching. Our staff enjoys their jobs and that enthusiasm creates a lively, supportive work climate where kids can excel. Whatever point your child is at, we’re here to give you practical lessons that will make a difference. Students from a prestigious school like Haberdashers boys school are associated with us for their learning and preparations. Our tailor-made approach ensures that we will help students of all talents – gifted and talented, needing a boost of trust or those with special educational needs.

We strive to improve and promote school education, which is why we collaborate with local schools and teachers to ensure that our tuition is matched with the curriculum of your child and delivers the best outcomes.