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11 Plus and 13 Plus Entrance Exams

Verbal and non-verbal reasoning tests are commonly used in 11 plus exams, combining English, maths, and logical problem-solving techniques. These tests are designed to not only measure a child’s ability but also their potential and many children naturally excel in them, especially if they have a strong vocabulary and good basic maths skills.
Completing these types of tests can be daunting for children, so our team can coach and mentor them on what to expect and how to tackle the test questions methodically. Our experienced team can also help by offering insight into the types of questions that may appear on the tests, which can differ depending on where you are in the country. They will ensure your child goes into their 11 plus exam prepared, confident and at ease with the concept of this exam.

At North Finchley Tutors we specialize in the Independent Schools entrance tests during the winter. Some of the schools which we specialize in are Highgate School, St Albans School, Habs Boys and Girls, North London Collegiate, City School, St Pauls, and many others. We can arrange interview practice as well as an academic test for these schools.

At North Finchley, our specialist home tutors train kids for all Common entrance exams, including 7 +, 11 +, 13 +, and more. Our students, therefore, have an outstanding track record of successful entry to prestigious private and grammar schools. Read testimonials from parents in London on why they rave about our personalized, structured, and loving tutoring for the Entrance Exams.

We recruit our skilled tutors based on a thorough method of interviewing and reviewing and they are reviewed by DBS. We also pick them by hand to have excellent leadership skills and a love for educating and inspiring kindness. Children just learn (a lot) from teachers-we make sure! Eighty-five percent of our students earned internships at top grammar and private schools in North Finchley. We are also so proud that 100 percent of our students enter rigorous test environments with ease and confidence as a result of our Entrance Exams tutoring.

Our Standard Entrance Exam tutors and the team can appreciate the particular needs and difficulties of each student. Assessing their Algebra, English, and Thinking skills. Teaching and improving subject knowledge and strategies for the test. Build a loving bond and promote trust in the students. Give thorough reviews after each lesson

To recommend the best action plan, we still have an in-person meeting to get to know the needs and concerns of the students. First, we fit our team’s best-suited 7 +, 11 +, or 13 + expert mentor to offer lessons structured. Everything we do is tailor-made, coordinated, and distributed to all students and their development with sincere concern. We are now the first UK provider on fair opportunity to make private tutoring more available by discounted rates to families of different income backgrounds.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 02071835847 or info@northfinchleytutors.co.uk  to set up your free appointment or to ask a question. In the meantime, why not browse through our prominent Common Entrance Exam Blog posts.


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