Dame Alice Owens School, Our stated goal is to professionalize and legitimize private tutoring; our ambition is to help our students do their best, creating long-term academic endurance and intellectual curiosity that lasts a lifetime.

North Finchley has been a prominent institution to encourage people to view tutoring as a full-time career. The tutors we represent in their lectures are knowledgeable, dedicated, and methodical. Our full-time tutors are educated, and tailored resources are delivered. Our administrative staff is also lauded for being effective, committed, and sensitive. We have a low turnover of office workers; we put a heavy emphasis on hiring good funny, supportive, and dedicated employees who forge long-lasting relationships with our customers.

North Finchley is known for providing experience on the intricacies of UK tests. We ensure our staff is up-to-date with the new trends and improvements to school and university entrance tests, as well as UK general tests. Our awareness standard is such that we have administered courses and consulted leading schools such as the Dame Alice Owens school on admission examinations to UK high schools ( e.g. computerized pre-tests) as well as university admission (e.g. Oxbridge). This experience means that our tutors are providing tailored training that underpins our excellent track record.

We think instructional materials are one of the most relevant and exciting inventions for the sector for tutors and parents. North Finchley designed all of its specialist and patented products. We also have a large library of school-specific papers such as Dame Alice Owens school past papers that tutors have access to cover up the school-specific syllabus.

From the first lesson, we make contact with the parent and teacher to assess the responses of both, to see if the mentioned expectations are appropriate or need to be changed. It is proposed that tutors will send a monthly report outlining the work completed during the month; the achievements and areas to be improved on; and the plans for the next month. Parents also applaud our routine, comprehensive reporting.