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North Finchley Tutors has been London’s Top Rated 11 Plus Centre for the last 3 years. Our results have been better than any other 11 plus institution for Barnet grammar school places. 

Whether you are hoping that your child attends a top state school like Queen Elizabeth’s School, Henrietta Barnett School, Dame Alice Owens School, Latymer School, St Michaels Catholic Grammar School or top independent schools like Highgate School, Haberdashers’ Schools, North London Collegiate Girls School, City School, St Paul’s School , Westminster School, no one has a better success rate than NFT. 

north Finchley tutors

We are one of the fastest growing 11 plus tuition centres in North London and now have over twenty full time qualified teachers who are supported by a team of teaching assistants. At NFT, we pride ourselves on the quality of education and support we provide. This is not just another business that forces students to cram and memorise facts. We are a support system who develops every part of the student and empowers them to find the best version of themselves. Every lesson and our award winning scheme of work at NFT has been created by a range of experts, who all had input to ensure they are of the absolute highest standard. 

Sessions at NFT are lead by a team of hand picked, fully qualified subject specialists who tailor and adapt each lesson to meet every child’s individual needs within a classroom environment. Our experienced teachers will take the time to observe and mentor each student within our classes. This develops students’ confidence and ability in subject areas which will ultimately help achieve their 11 plus goals.

Working closely with each student, our tutors will identify areas that need the most attention and develop a suitable programme that will improve confidence, technique and ability. We have tutors from the grammar, state and private sectors and many of them remain teachers today. This gives them insight and up to date, working knowledge of the current curriculum. All tutors are currently teaching in UK state and private schools and are DBS checked.

Qualified teachers

Teach in UK state or private schools

Extensive experience in exam preparation

DBS checked