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If you are thinking of sending your child to an independent (private) school or grammar school, they will more than likely have to take the 11 plus entrance exam. The 11 plus is a non-compulsory examination taken by pupils in their last year of primary school and is used for academic selection.

Depending on where you are in the UK, it can contain Maths, English, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning questions. Some children naturally excel at these subjects and need very little in the way of formal support but do still benefit from coaching on actual exam technique and the vocabulary used in exams. For others they require more specific coaching and structured support which is where a private tutor can be extremely helpful.

11 plus maths

North Finchley Tutors are experts in 11+ preparation and have over a decade of experience in getting children into some of the UK’s best schools. Boost your child’s confidence and exam skills by enrolling today. 

For over 10+ years, we have been preparing children to pass 11 Plus and entrance exams throughout the UK. We teach English, Verbal, Non Verbal & Mathematics.

11 plus english

For many students this will be the first time they are embarking on an exam, so it can be a daunting and stressful time where they are having to get to grips with lots of brand-new concepts. As well as being able to demonstrate ability in familiar core subjects like English and Mathematics, your child will have to show they can answer questions on verbal and non-verbal reasoning which to many will be completely alien.

Put very simply, non verbal reasoning refers to using pictures, shapes and diagrams to solve problems. Verbal reasoning relies on one’s ability to solve problems using words in a logical and methodical way, using analytical skills.

Maths Work

11 plus tutoring

Educating your child for the 11 plus with our 11 plus tuition is certainly feasible and our site offers sufficient guidance on how to do it, many parents opt to hire a tutor instead for different reasons. 

Some parents are too busy to devote the time it takes to mentor their child, whilst others do not believe they have the right qualifications to pursue coaching. Many parents fear that their child will not react well to being encouraged by a parent and the only consequence will be family discord

But while it may be possible that Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning assessments do measure natural ability, tutoring tends to influence the test performance. 

Tutoring offers a better experience with the types of problems and encourages the child to use the strategies used to answer them, in almost the same manner as completing a Sudoku or a crossword, the more often you do it.

What are the benefits of attending a Grammar School?

Grammar schools are public secondary schools that enrol students based on their academic performance in the 11+ test. Students who pass the exam are admitted to their local grammar school, while those who do not pass are admitted to their local secondary modern school.

The comprehensive system, which is the most widely utilised alternative to the grammar school system in the UK, teaches children of all abilities together.

Prospects for the Most Proficient Students

It is sometimes asserted that grammar schools undercut privilege by allowing the best students for Grammar school tuition, regardless of socioeconomic background, to attend top schools. Because admission to grammar school is dependent on academic achievement in the 11 Plus, students who do well will not be refused a seat for any reason.

Grammars, it is often assumed, give possibilities for kids from lower-income families to move up the social ladder.

Dependably Strong Exam Results

Because grammar students are typically of the same skill level, teachers are said to be able to progress lessons more successfully than at the comprehensive level. As a result, grammar schools tend to be the top performers in local and national league tables.

Students Who Succeed

Grammar schools also have a track record of generating students who go on to have successful careers in a number of professions. It is commonly stated that attending a grammar school gives students with the necessary skills, tools, and connections to be successful later in life.

Social Mobility Has Improved

Gaining admission to a prestigious grammar school entails having access to a thorough education as well as a network of important connections. Evidence shows that friendships formed at school have an influence on children’ future achievement.

Similarly, a recent research performed by a collection of universities, including the Universities of Bath, Bristol, and the Institute of Education at the University of London, showed that students who attend a grammar school earn more than those who attend a comprehensive school.

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