For over 10+ years, we have been preparing children to pass 11 Plus and entrance exams throughout the UK. We teach English, Verbal, Non Verbal & Mathematics.


Effective / FREE resources to successfully prepare you for entrance examinations.

Why our tutors?

Our 11 Plus tutors are highly skilled with expert academic achievements. Most importantly they know how to make learning engaging, keep children motivate and help them tackle exams with confidence. 

We are professional teachers with up to date DBS. We teach year 4 & 5 students strategies to pass entrance exams with ease.

With a good tutor preparing them for the tests, your child should approach the 11+ with increased confidence. 

Our lessons run on Wednesdays and Saturdays in north London. For more information, see our tutoring sessions.

11 plus Services

Saturday School

Our weekly lessons covering all the vital topics and free book club.

Mock Exams

Join our 11 plus practice mornings and receive results and advice.

Easter Course

A booster in all examination topics to help revision and skills.

Summer School

Immersive and effective teaching just before the 11 plus exam.

Want free advice and resources? Join our supportive, community of experts and other parents going through the same 11+ process.