Expert 11 Plus Tuition

North Finchley Tutors are experts in 11+ preparation and have over a decade of experience in getting children into some of the UK’s best schools. Boost your child’s confidence and exam skills by enrolling today. 

11 plus tutors

We offer an highly engaging and intensive programme for year 4 & 5 students wishing to pass entrance exams for public and state schools.

Our unique combination of first class teachers and structured lessons in English, maths and reasoning will guarantee your child can approach tests with confidence and aptitude. 


Want free advice and resources? Join our supportive, community of experts and other parents going through the same 11+ process.

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How we can help:

Saturday School

Our weekly lessons covering all the vital topics and free book club.

Mock Exams

Join our 11 plus practice mornings and receive results and advice.

Easter Course

A booster in all examination topics to help revision and skills.

Summer School

Immersive and effective teaching just before the 11 plus exam.

"My son had a brilliant time with Ali and Ambreen over the last few months in preparation for his QE Boys entrance exam.

He was taught how to approach all the exams and has been given so many resources to practice with. It's been amazing to see his test scores improve as they continue to push and encourage him."
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Amy Leigh

Effective / FREE resources to successfully prepare you for entrance examinations.

Our Teaching Methods

We teach the following topics:

Key Information:

Year 4 & 5 Lessons operate on:

Wednesdays: 5.00pm – 7.00pm & Saturdays: 10.00am – 1.00pm

*Option for online school on Wednesdays.

All our qualified teachers are currently working in sought after primary and secondary schools. They are all experienced 11-plus tutors. We offer a comprehensive learning programme that provides excellent results. 

The 5 hours of weekly lessons are guaranteed to increase ability & confidence.

  • All homework & resources provided
  • Half Termly practice papers
  • Regular support & encouragement

£110 per week (£22 per hour).

  • All learning materials provided.
  • Weekly book club for year 4 & 5 included.

Our physical and remote lessons are meticulously designed for children to pass challenging entrance exams. Students learn 200+ question types and strategies.

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Schools tutored for:

Why 11 Plus tuition?

Educating your child for the 11 plus with our 11 plus tuition is certainly feasible and our site offers sufficient guidance on how to do it, many parents opt to hire a tutor instead for different reasons. 

Some parents are too busy to devote the time it takes to mentor their child, whilst others do not believe they have the right qualifications to pursue coaching. Many parents fear that their child will not react well to being encouraged by a parent and the only consequence will be family discord!

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But while it may be possible that Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning assessments do measure natural ability, tutoring tends to influence the test performance. 

Tutoring offers a better experience with the types of problems and encourages the child to use the strategies used to answer them, in almost the same manner as completing a Sudoku or a crossword, the more often you do it.