11 plus tuition place is based in North Finchley, London and services the tuition needs of all grammar and autonomous schools by giving a professional and personal service to guarantee a stress-free passage through the 11 plus session.

11 plus tuition gives tuition to year 5 and year 4 children in all subjects and caters to the main examining boards and districts including GL/NFER, CSSE, CEM, and ISEB.

The technology serves to monitor easily all the students’ advancement in work done at the time of the classes as well as in homework where they can monitor progress alongside accuracy and speed. This enables to all the more easily recognize and target weaknesses early all the while, making preparation for the exam far progressively proficient and along these lines less stressful for both parent and child.

11 Plus Tuition approach

These courses have the three-stage structure: a Foundation, a Common Core and Specialization

The Foundation stage affirms each child has the basic structure blocks to succeed at 11plus and incorporates mental agility, rapid mental arithmetic, and a robust vocabulary.

The basic Core stage affirms that the entire necessities basic to the exam boards use to be addressed initially. This use to make the child more and more adaptable and preparation progressively agile should the exam board change with minimal notification.

The final Specialization stage of the 11 plus tuition guarantees that all the known nuances of the particular exam board for the target school used to be systematically addressed during practice and exam training.

To seal the procedure, the course also covers exam methods suitable for various kinds of exam boards.

Homework will at that point be set, which will be both paper-based and online. For the latter parents need to guarantee that their child will have web access.

Practice papers are presented in the final stages of the course as exam preparation.

The fake exams, separate from in-class practice papers (under coordinated conditions), are available to external candidates. They structure an integral part of the actual preparation and all students are required to sit these

The final term of the 11 plus tuition course incorporates 10 weeks of false exams which finish up in mid-August, just before the last exams. This exam-training chapter of the course helps work with raising your child’s confidence and decreases exam day anxieties.