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Do you want your child to ace their 11 plus exams?

NFT is a multi award winning centre where students have consistently been achieving the best results in the whole of Greater London.

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What Parents Say

Tiani Fernando-Perera
Tiani Fernando-Perera
Ali and the team are so dedicated and provide the most comprehensive 11+ tutoring. They provide excellent lessons, exam techiniques and much material. There is nothing too much for Ali and provides so much encouragement and support throughout. This is the best 11+ school.
Amanda Gomez
Amanda Gomez
NFT has a lovely and supportive environment that my daughter has really benefitted from. We thought it might be a struggle to get her to go every Saturday but she genuinely enjoys it. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for 11+ prep or generally school tutoring.
I highly recommend North Finchley Tutors for their excellent tutoring services. Ali and the tutors at this center, especially manager Sahand, are fantastic. They are always friendly, patient, and dedicated to answering all our questions. My child has shown great improvement since attending their classes. Thank you, North Finchley Tutors, for the exceptional support!
Zara Kaiserimam
Zara Kaiserimam
Students preparing for the 11+ cannot be in better hands! Navigating the system for the first time can be daunting, but Ali’s extensive knowledge and years of experience helps put parents and students at ease. Children thrive in the vibrant and supportive atmosphere at the centre and they are provided with an abundance of varied and challenging resources so that they’re well equipped to tackle exams in any format and thus able to meet the requirements of all major grammar schools.
Parul Suri
Parul Suri
Felt very welcomed by Ali and team since day one. They really help drive the right behaviours in a child. Only done a few months however the progress my son has made is something I am so thankful for. Staff is sincere, timely assistance with any topic or question on a regular basis helps sets a strong foundation. My son's happy place! Thanks to everyone who works there.
Abdul Malek Mangal
Abdul Malek Mangal
One of the best Tution centre in London, friendly and well qualified professional staff. Put all their efforts to prepare kids for 11+ exams. I am so happy with them.
Y Haye
Y Haye
Well organised tutoring that provides lot of preparation to 11+. It’s demanding and requires a level of commitment from parents and student. Lots of resources provided online and classroom support. Gives students knowledge and adaptability to doing 11+ exams.
Ediz Zekayi
Ediz Zekayi
I can not express enough how impressed and satisfied I am with their services. This review serves as my heartfelt appreciation for their exceptional commitment to education and the incredible positive impact they've had on my child's academic journey. First and foremost, the tutors at this school are an absolute dream team. Each one is highly qualified, experienced, and possesses a genuine passion for teaching. Their expertise extends across a wide range of subjects, enabling them to cater to the diverse needs of students. They go above and beyond to create a warm and welcoming learning environment where students feel comfortable asking questions, sharing ideas, and engaging in interactive discussions. What sets this tutoring school apart is their personalised approach to education. They understand that every student is unique, with different strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. The tutors take the time to assess each student's abilities and tailor their teaching methods accordingly. This individualized attention ensures that students receive the support they need to excel and build confidence in their academic pursuits. Furthermore, the tutoring school maintains excellent communication with parents. Regular progress reports, parent-teacher meetings, and open lines of communication ensure that parents are always informed about their child's academic progress, strengths, and areas for improvement. This transparency and collaboration are invaluable in fostering a strong partnership between parents and the school, working together for the benefit of the student.


Expert Exam Tutors

11 plus tutoring

North Finchley 11 plus preparation school teaches a highly structured and supportive learning programme with excellent results. 

Our team of specialist teachers prepare 11 plus students in a classroom setting for all GL Assessment and Independent School examinations. The students, therefore, have an outstanding track record of successful entry to prestigious private and grammar schools.

Saturday School

Our weekly lessons covering all the vital topics and free book club.

Mock Exams

Join our 11plus practice mornings and receive results and advice.

Easter Course

A booster in all examination topics to help revision and skills.

Summer School

Immersive and effective teaching just before the 11 plus exam.

Why Choose Us?

NFT is growing into the most popular tutoring company in North London. Learn more about us.

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Highly structured learning programmes that build confidence.

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11+  Specialists with 100% pass rate year on year.

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Professional teachers with over a decade of experience.

Effective / FREE resources to successfully prepare you for entrance examinations.

11+ Topics

We teach the following 11plus topics:

Key Information:

Year 4 & 5 Lessons operate on:

Wednesdays: 5.00pm – 7.00pm & Saturdays: 10.00am – 1.00pm

*Option for online school on Wednesdays.

All our qualified teachers are currently working in sought after primary and secondary schools. They are all experienced 11plus tutors. We offer a comprehensive learning programme that provides excellent results. 

The 5 hours of weekly lessons are guaranteed to increase ability & confidence.

  • All homework & resources provided
  • Half Termly practice papers
  • Regular support & encouragement

£110 per week (£22 per hour).

  • All learning materials provided.
  • Weekly book club for year 4 & 5 included.

Schools tutored for:

GCSE Tutors

What we offer:

Expert tutors teach GCSE maths and English to ensure your child receives the best possible grade.

Across the syllabi, our team of private tutors love the subject, and they also love helping students enjoy maths and English. When the penny drops for a student or there is suddenly that Eureka moment when they ‘get it’, it’s one of the most rewarding feelings for both the student and the tutor.

GCSE  Lessons operate on:

Saturdays: 10.00am – 1.30pm

All our qualified teachers are currently working as specialists in their subjects from some of the top secondary schools in the country.  

The 4 hours of weekly lessons are guaranteed to increase ability & confidence.

  • We actually teach and explain concepts missed in the pandemic.
  • All homework & resources provided
  • GCSE exam strategy
  • Regular support & encouragement

£80 per week (£20 per hour).
All learning materials provided.

"I was very fortunate to find North Finchley Tutors as they helped my daughter improve from a grade 6 to a grade 9 in English Language and English Literature GCSEs.
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Kalyan Starline
GCSE tutoring