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What Parents Say

Zakia Chowdhury
Ali and his team of excellent teachers/staff are beyond excellent - they are highly professional and personable. They understood my child's strengths and weaknesses almost immediately and deployed every resource possible to help improve my child's scores. Their unwavering commitment to see every child to get through the 11 plus process as seamlessly as possible and their genuine desire to support the parents alike is really commendable. Thank you Ali and everyone at NFT.
Richard Davies
NFT has a magic touch. They took my 10yr old who wasn’t fulfilling his potential at his Independent School and transformed him. He went from a B-B+ student to straight As in 4 months thanks to the care and attention from Ali, Sahand and team. Thank you!
Tom Parrot
The teachers North Finchley Tutors go out of their way to make sure that children are prepared for the 11+. The resources and teaching is excellent. I couldn't recommend them enough. Thank you Ali!
A Dare
Free past question & answer download. Very kind. Not everyone can afford to buy theses questions & answers
Miss Dee
Very comprehensive and helpful 11 plus material, especially the maths questions and answers which enable a better understanding of the different maths topics.
Thomas Willsong
North Finchley Tutors is the best institute for 11 plus.
Sophia Khan
I used this company to download sample past papers for independent schools. Where other companies are charging over £17 for this, allowed me to access and download these for free. Easy, quick and efficient and no obligation to sign up to any emails or subscription packages. Thank you so much.


Expert Exam Tutors

North Finchley 11 plus preparation school teaches a highly structured and supportive learning programme with excellent results. 

Our specialist tutors train children for all Common Entrance exams, including 7+, 11+, 13+, and more. The students, therefore, have an outstanding track record of successful entry to prestigious private and grammar schools.

Saturday School

Our weekly lessons covering all the vital topics and free book club.

Mock Exams

Join our 11 plus practice mornings and receive results and advice.

Easter Course

A booster in all examination topics to help revision and skills.

Summer School

Immersive and effective teaching just before the 11 plus exam.

Why Choose Us?

NFT is growing into the most popular tutoring company in North London. Learn more about us.

Highly structured learning programmes that build confidence.

11+  Specialists with 100% pass rate year on year.

Professional teachers with over a decade of experience.

Effective / FREE resources to successfully prepare you for entrance examinations.

11+ Topics

We teach the following topics:

Key Information:

Year 4 & 5 Lessons operate on:

Wednesdays: 5.00pm – 7.00pm & Saturdays: 10.00am – 1.00pm

*Option for online school on Wednesdays.

All our qualified teachers are currently working in sought after primary and secondary schools. They are all experienced 11-plus tutors. We offer a comprehensive learning programme that provides excellent results. 

The 5 hours of weekly lessons are guaranteed to increase ability & confidence.

  • All homework & resources provided
  • Half Termly practice papers
  • Regular support & encouragement

£110 per week (£22 per hour).

  • All learning materials provided.
  • Weekly book club for year 4 & 5 included.

Schools tutored for:

GCSE Tutoring

What we offer:

Expert tutors teach GCSE maths and English to ensure your child receives the best possible grade.

Across the syllabi, our team of private tutors love the subject, and they also love helping students enjoy maths and English. When the penny drops for a student or there is suddenly that Eureka moment when they ‘get it’, it’s one of the most rewarding feelings for both the student and the tutor.

GCSE  Lessons operate on:

Saturdays: 10.00am – 1.30pm

All our qualified teachers are currently working as specialists in their subjects from some of the top secondary schools in the country.  

The 4 hours of weekly lessons are guaranteed to increase ability & confidence.

  • We actually teach and explain concepts missed in the pandemic.
  • All homework & resources provided
  • GCSE exam strategy
  • Regular support & encouragement

£80 per week (£20 per hour).
All learning materials provided.

"I was very fortunate to find North Finchley Tutors as they helped my daughter improve from a grade 6 to a grade 9 in English Language and English Literature GCSEs.
Kalyan Starline